Splatoon how to get more slots

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For Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "In Regards to unlocking 'Increase Slots/ Reroll via Merch".

HOW TO INCREASE SLOTS IN SPLATOON 2 Tinkering with your gear loadout and each piece’s associated abilities is a huge part of Splatoon 2 and is key to success in online play. ... For more on all ... Gear - Inkipedia, the Splatoon wiki The default number of secondary ability slots is determined by the rarity of the gear item: a 1-star item will have one secondary ability slot and so on for 2- and 3-star. If fewer than three secondary ability slots are present on a gear item, additional slots can be added by Spyke or Murch. How to add slots to clothing! - YouTube

To get more gear ability slots for your favourite pieces of clothing you have to get your hands on a Super Sea Snail. These are awarded at the end of each Splatfest to participants based on their Sp..

Splatoon: Announcement of Final Splatfest Leave Squids Salty The announcement of the final Splatfest for Nintendo's popular shooter, Splatoon, leaves me and many more fans of the game salty squids.

A guide to clothing, abilities, and brands - Splatoon Message ...

Splatoon is a Third-Person Shooter created by Nintendo for their Wii U system. Revealed at E3 2014 and released in May of 2015, the game features the … Splatfest - Splatoon 2 Wiki Guide - IGN

Ability - Inkipedia, the Splatoon wiki

Enjoy yourselves in both Salmon Run and Splatoon 2. Just remember: don't get cooked, stay off the hook -- or in this case, out of Salmonid mouths! For more tips and tricks to get ahead of the competition in this splat-tastic game, check out the rest of our Splatoon 2 guides: Splatoon 2 Guide: Basic Tips for Salmon Run Success how do you unlock more warframe/weapon slots? - Players ... Then max it out. Then use it to clear the content and unlock everything. By then you will have access to good relics and missions where good stuff drops. Then farm primes and sell cheaply until you have enough for slots (slots are cheap!). Then add another solid weapon. Soon you will have enough to buy more slots and get more weapons and warframes.